Our Story

In 1965 Leon Stelly, Harry Bellard and Ashton Bellard opened up a small store on 1650 West Laurel Avenue that sold ONLY fresh fryers on ice. In the beginning they would bring a truckload of live chickens to the poultry before dawn. Customers could come in and get freshly cut hens and fryers cut exactly the way they ordered. Over the years this idea has evolved into a specialty meat market that caters to the needs of Eunice, Louisiana. In the beginning, much of the business centered around wholesale. Over time, as larger stores became more prevalent in the area, focus began to shift into more of a retail store. The tradition started over 50 years ago, serving the residents and visitors of Eunice, LA and continues to this day.

Today we are proud to serve you our own homemade boudin, boudin balls, and cracklins. Getting ready to barbecue? Give us a call ahead of time and we will have the meat cut, seasoned, and ready to throw on the pit. Need a large order? Not a problem! We take pride in our ability to handle any order, from a single leg quarter, to preparing the meat for large church functions or social gatherings. We smoke our meat in an old fashioned wood-burning smokehouse to give it that perfectly smoked flavor. We also have a variety of specialty items, such as: deboned stuffed fryers, stuffed roasts, stuffed pounce, and much, much more. To get an idea of what we carry, check out our Products and Services page which lists many of our items. Some items may be seasonal, and we are always adding more so check back frequently and thank you for visiting!